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Thread: Yay bee's!

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    Yay bee's!

    Was out checking my garden this morning to find quite a few various bee species hanging around. It's nice to see them again because I remember it was not too long ago that 97% I believe it was of the north american bee population were wiped out by some strange colony collapse disorder virus thing, can't seem to remember the details.

    But bottom line is I am so glad to see them coming back in full force, was afraid they were going to have to hybridize our american bee's with the verlle african bee just to keep food pollination up. How do you feel about our buzzy little friend? Seen him in your garden yet?

    What tips (if any) do you use to attract bee's to your garden?

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    I have seen a few this year so far. I have a neighbor with beehives a mile down the road. I am always happy to see the bees. Wasps not so much.....

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    I'm allergic so anytime there's one in the vicinity, I go the other way. Even seeing them on TV scares me!

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    I, too, am allergic. But I was so glad to see so many of them buzzing all over my peach and crabapple trees, that I took the risk to get close enough to photograph them at close range last month.

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    Ah, I love the bees. :>) Every spring, I head to my orchard and thank them for what they do as they buzz around from blossom to blossom! Last year, I planted flowers in the garden to "thank" the bees for their work.

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    I can't say I like them much, they're ok as long as they leave me bee (pun intended ). Anyway, I watched some earlier today, they had found a hole in the bottom of a chair outside and were making a home in there. Last year we had a few hundred of them make a home in behind the bricks of our house. Needless to say they, creep me out a bit since then. Never saw so many in my life!

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    Yes, the sight of hundreds of them buzzing around my blossoming tree in the back yard is amazing.

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    I love bees , especially bumble bees - they seem to try and say "Hi" when they hoover in front of you and pause. I remember re-energizing tired bees with saucers of sugar water when I was a child.

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    Bees are good! Has anyone seen the Nature documentary on the vanishing bees?

    You can watch the full episode here: http://www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/episo...l-episode/251/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jebediah View Post

    What tips (if any) do you use to attract bee's to your garden?
    Plant wildflowers and flowering shrubs/bushes/trees that are NATIVE to your area. I've spotted at least four types of bees in our native patch so far this year. It's nice because they come for the natives, but stay to help my veggies.

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