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Thread: I can't access the whole forum/the place you moved by post to, why?

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    I can't access the whole forum/the place you moved by post to, why?

    Okay, I am very confused here, I am hoping someone can help me. It appears that I have been verified as a member, but I did not get an email and I do not see the threads from the other forum, such as the Cool Surveys, etc. Does anyone have any advice?

    From Spamgirl - Answers to questions Newbies ask here often:
    1. No, you cannot see the entire board yet. You have to post more and be here for a while it opens up fully.
    2. No, we can't tell you how many posts or how long you have to wait.
    3. Please read this thread and the thread you're in now from the beginning to learn more.
    4. If you want to post but don't see the correct forum where your post should go, please read this before posting.
    5. A quick way to gain full access is by participating in the Daily HIT Threads!

    6. Please do not feel pressured to post! You are welcome here even if you don't post, and there is no rush to get full access. Most of the forum is freely available, so enjoy your time here and if you do get full access, enjoy that too.
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