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Thread: Creepy horse mask for only 18 dollars

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    Creepy horse mask for only 18 dollars

    Link is right here
    All the user images are gold.

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    That would be one good way to freak people out at a party.

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    That is hilarious

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    How truly strange LOL

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    Heh, I get their catalog ever since I ordered a christmas present from archie mcphee years ago. Lots of bacon products too.

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    The mask is now $19 also this unicorn one is $40 for some reason.

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    For some reason?!?! Isn't it obvious the numerous utilitarian aspects of the unicorn masks!?

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    Bonus points for the person who can name the car in the picture. My best friend had one of these has his first car.
    Why is the guy in the last picture wearing a button down Oxford in bed? Wait...that's the same guy from the bathroom. Thanks internet.

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    LOL!!! WOW those are great. I want one just because it would be funny at a party!

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