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Thread: Any NBA fans?

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    They really are up and down, haha. They lost to the Raptors last night and I thought that would have been an automatic win. It seems that whenever the Knicks are close to or at .500, they find a way to lose. If they end up as the 7th or 8th seed, they will have to face Miami or Chicago and that will be tough to say the least.

    Yeah, I saw that he continued playing despite the injury. You just can't teach heart and determination.

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    The east will definitely be interesting this year! I'm really hoping that either Philadelphia or Indiana can make a push and maybe score an upset once we get into the second round.. but it's definitely going to be tough for anyone to take out Chicago or Miami.

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    Indiana gave Chicago a hard time in the playoffs last year even though Chicago still won 4-1, so it's definitely possible. If the playoffs were to start now, Philadelphia would be matched up with Indiana! For Philly, I like Lou Williams. He is playing out of his mind this year. He should definitely be in the Sixth Man of the Year conversation.

    Overall, I think Chicago has a great chance to win even though Miami beat them last year. They're extremely deep and they all play with a lot of hustle.

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    I would most definitely like to watch a Philly/Indiana series, or it could be Philly/Atlanta in the 4 VS 5 slot.. but I could definitely get into the idea of watching Philly and Chicago in the second round, I think that would be amazing basketball. I was at a Sixers/Bulls game this year and it was great.

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    Who would you root for if Indiana and Philly matched up? You're really lucky to get to go to a game. There are so many things you miss by watching it on television. I'd love to go in the future, maybe catch a Knicks game against one of the better teams.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ljason8eg View Post
    I'm a Kings fan, so its been pretty bad lately. I share season tickets with my family so I still go to quite a few games. Just sucks to have a bad team for so many years in a row. I want the Kings of ten years ago back!
    I hear that I was a huge kings fan my favorite player was Chris Webber. Back in those days I had the jerseys, hats, you name it. I just don't know what happened to the franchise.

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    not a big nba fan but i do love watching kobe and lebron james

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    Too bad about Lamar Odam. Guess he lost his focus.

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    Odom had so much bad stuff going on this year, I can't say I'm surprised. Good move by the Mavs just sidelining him and not putting him on waivers. Though he had a rough season, you don't want him facing you in the playoffs, if they even make it.

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    Ugh another tanked season for my Warriors...

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