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Thread: Any NBA fans?

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    First round in NBA Playoffs is never really that interesting. Wait until later rounds for any sort of entertaining play. Overall, not a huge NBA fan, but Ill watch from time to time.

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    I am a very big Dallas Mavericks fan. My favorite player is Dirk Nowitzki but I also like the rest of the top players. I am a die hard basketball fan and have been one since I was a little kid.

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    I'm a huge Spurs fan, lived in San Antonio growing up for awhile and got to go to some games, even got floor seats from my dad's boss one game and had Dennis Rodman land in my lap going after a loose ball. Never been so excited and scared as an 8 year old.

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    I'm pretty excited to see what happens with Lebron as he heads back to Cleveland. I followed him when he was initially a cav, then dropped off when he went to the heat. I was pretty impressed with his open letter that he sent out when he made the choice to head back home. I hope he has a great season.

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    I am an NBA fan. I used to watch it a lot more than I do now but that because I don't have as much time now. I don't really have a favorite team since I just enjoy watching all the games, but I would say that a team I follow frequently is the Miami Heat since they've been winning championships the past few years.

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    Pacers fan here!
    What a grueling off season, especially following the success of the last two years. I weep for Paul George, and I can't decide if I hate or love Lance Stephenson. He was my favorite player on our team when he played for us, so exciting.
    It's okay though, we seem to perform the best when the odds are against us. But, I'll still be rooting for the Bulls/Wizards this year. I would be ecstatic if Derrick Rose could at least return to 75% of what he was his MVP year. Should put them right in line for contention.
    Also, unpopular opinion here, but I don't see the Cavs winning the championship this year. Infact, I don't see them coming out of the east. But I think they have a very good chance 2016 and onwards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by starvirgo View Post
    I have to agree, Kobe is a great player. I just feel like he has (had) a spoiled brat mentality sometimes. He has matured a lot, though. I think part of my issue is that people tend to compare him to MJ, and, to me, the two are not even seated at the same table. If I make up my all time favorite starting 5, Kobe is not in the line up.

    1987 Magic on point
    1990 MJ shooting guard
    1987 Kareem at center
    2003 Tim Duncan power forward
    1988 Dominique Wilkins small forward
    am a jordan fan......

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