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Thread: How Many Hours do you work per day?

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    Yea but when I work I get in the zone and work as fast and hard as I can.
    Quote Originally Posted by SlightlyUnstable View Post
    @ mtnsurf: Damn, that much a day? I am working about 2 hours per day and average 6 bucks, but it adds up.

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    No I dont write to much. I just kind of jump around. I have around 25-30 people I like to work for. When they post hits Ill do everyone I can get and move to the next.
    Quote Originally Posted by bakes View Post
    That is awesome! I am inspired to just get to work! One thing, it always seems as HITS are always out there to TRY to earn money. May I ask, do you normally do writing samples?

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    yesterday I only worked for about four hours but the day before I had worked from 6 AM until 9 PM with some running after my kid during the day. I never get to sit and just work steady with a 3 year old in the house.

    Thinking of taking today off since I got my income tax return (paid vacation day) but I know my turking addiction will make it difficult for me to stay away for long.
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    I work about three to four hours intermittently on most days. I can't work for more than an hour continuously without taking a break.

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    Usually three 2.5-3 hour days and four 12 hour days per week.
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    I have a small goal of $10/day

    I do 1-3hrs a day, it all depends.

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    I turk throughout the day at random times. Whenever there is good work I'll turk longer. But mainly between 6-8 hours a day.

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    I have a money goal, and I work until I hit it. Sometimes that means I am up until 3 AM, sometimes I can quit at 1:00 in the afternoon. (Usually the former.) My hourly wage from turking varies wildly.

    On the weekends, I am more lackadaisical unless there is a good hit up. The best money day I ever had turking was on a Sunday, I think.
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    It varies for me too, and I'm turking more than I'd like to admit. Even when I make my goals though, sometimes I just can't stop myself. Maybe I get on a roll, and just can't stop seeing my debt get smaller and smaller.

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    Ive only been on a month myself. As you can see its different for everyone.This first month was really about learning how to navigate MT. My financial goals have changed weekly and Im seeing that I will be able to make more money soon. 30$ a day is not an unrealistic goal for anyone on this site. Surveys can help add some quick change. I usually start my day this way. There easy and not to overtaxing for the still
    sleeping brain. Some that are making better money are taking bigger risks going for longer and more rewards surveys. Some have the experience needed to do a hit. Take myself for example, I could be doing some of the
    transcription hits but my computer speakers donot work so I cant hear anything on the computer. But... If I had that fixed I could work on better pay hits. The more hits approved you have the more hits you can do. Get those qualifications. One requester put up his hit and mentioned that he needed test takers to get qualified cause he would be putting up hits at a later time. Took the test right away now when his hits come up I am ready.
    Dont give up, you will get there. I wish I could say Im there, but it looks like
    nine dollars in a day is my top day so far. Today Im pushing for 10. Good luck

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    I have a full time job where I often work about 10 hours a day and I try to find the occasional few minutes here and there to do hits. For a while I had no computer at home that was working reliably though I have a new laptop, but I am trying to figure out how to make the text bigger so I can see it weel enough to do hits. That is my goal for this weekend. As you can tell, I am not very tech savvy. Last year, I earned about $1200 on mturk -- mostly through writing hits and surveys. I appreciate the fact that even 1 0r 2 dollars a day adds up, so I am not complaining. However, I wonder -- For those of you who do not do writing hits, what kinds of hits are you doing to make multiple dollars an hour? When I do surveys, they usually do not pay more than $1.00 and take at least 15 0r 20 minutes or so to complete. That does not work out to anywhere near even $10.00 an hour. What am I doing wrong?

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