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Thread: How Many Hours do you work per day?

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    It depends on how I feel tbh. Some days I'll turk for 10 hours. Other days I don't turk at all.

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    I'm really skeptical that people are making the kind of figures that many are saying on here. I look at the hits all the time and unless you get extremely lucky with surveys, I just don't see anyone making much money at all...........Plus, it's not as if you can do a survey twice, because if you do, it will either be rejected, or it will block you from doing it. I know because I've done it accidentally....

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    Well, I work for x hours per day, x being a variable from 0 to 19.
    Life is full of disappointments, and I am full of life!

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    I turk for about 5 hours, but I think I'm going to increase that a little. I think it would help if I went to sleep earlier and then woke up earlier to get the good HITs,

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    Right now I turk for a few hours around my work schedule. If I don't work on a given day I will Turk for a several hours. No set schedule at this time. I just have a goal of $10 a day and try to hit that or an average of that throughout the week.

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    I throw maybe 2-3 hours at turning per day for the last three years. I'm only around 20,000 hits approved

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    3-5 hours. Still getting used to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by feb1user View Post
    Well, I work for x hours per day, x being a variable from 0 to 19.
    Sounds about right to me. Right now I spend way, waaayyy more time looking for HITs than actually working 'em, and that time counts too!

    To be fair, however, I must note that as my number of approved HITs goes up, my search time slowly goes down, and the money goes up. Starting to get more into scripts as well, which should result in less time and more money.

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    I only do it when I have the chance. I actually don't have internet access where I live (in the country, and it's super expensive. Just going to wait till I move into town in a couple months.) So, i'm running off of hot spot on my phone. When I have the time, hot spot gig's, and not at work, I'm normally spending around 5 hours fully working.

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    I have been shooting for a goal of $20 per day recently. I am surprised how often I have been able to hit it, too. I would say it takes me maybe 4-5 hours to reach that on average. Not very good pay per hour!

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