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Thread: How Many Hours do you work per day?

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    Since I'm currently a student, I try to cram in turking time around and after my classes. Sometimes I'll turk during class if the lecture is particularly boring, but usually I start going full-speed around 4pm. I'll alternate turking and doing homework for the rest of the night, so I'm usually turking on and off for about 6 hours (which probably adds up to only 1 solid hour of turking )

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    Right now I'm doing about 4 hours to complete my goal of $40 but if I focus and sit down just to turn it doesn't take as long. I plan to up my goal next week and it will most likely add more time

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    I used to be able to turk when I was at my full time job but since I got a new job it just hasn't been the case... I do occasionally get the chance to turk on my phone but only when I don't have anything going on... My earnings have taken a big hit. Generally I think I put in a solid 3 hours if I'm lucky but it used to be more like 5 or 6. It kind of sucks but I guess I'm fortunate to have a day job.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mtnsurf View Post
    I work 8 hours a day at my real job and turk for 4-6 hours. Turking alone I make 100-125 on average a day.
    That is awesome! I am inspired to just get to work! One thing, it always seems as HITS are always out there to TRY to earn money. May I ask, do you normally do writing samples?

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    I'm trying to get in at least eight hours a day. It's tough because my girlfriend sees it as time that I'm not paying attention to her. But now that I'm getting paid, she's starting to understand the value of it.

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    I usually work 3-4 hours a day on Mturk. I also have another part time WAH job so I turk when there's not much work with my other job. I usually make $10-$15 a day on Mturk. If I could figure out how to make $30+ a day, I would invest more time doing it.

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    Around 1hr or so on average on weekdays. As I don't have internet at home, I turk during my downtimes and extra lunch time at work.

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    I turk 2-3 hours a day or until I hit $10. Someday this takes longer because the internet calls me and I end up screwing off instead of working.
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    I can span out about 5-6 hours throughout the day and night of turking. I use Swagbucks and other things as money resources.

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    @ mtnsurf: Damn, that much a day? I am working about 2 hours per day and average 6 bucks, but it adds up.
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