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Thread: Why was my post removed from the Hall of Fame/Shame?

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    Why was my post removed from the Hall of Fame/Shame?

    The Hall of Fame/Shame has been repeatedly been abused lately by many that don’t understand its purpose. It is to be used only for rating a requester or reporting one’s experience with a requester, not for posts like the following:

    • "How do you do these HITs?"
    • “This requester just posted HITs!”
    • “Can someone explain to me how to...”
    • "Me too!" or "Thanks!" or "Ditto!"
    • Simply copying the Turkopticon rating"
    • Giving info on how to do the HITs

    Posts like those do not help in rating a requester. They will be removed and repeat offenders will be penalized. The reason we have to adhere to this rule is to keep the information inside the Hall of Fame/Shame useful to everyone. The posts topics above add nothing useful to help judge a requester's worth. Please limit your posts to facts about the requester.

    Things like the following are permitted:

    • "What can I do about rejections I received?"
    • "Well, it sounds like you were rejected because..."
    • "I contacted the requester and they said..."
    • "My rejections were reversed, here's how you can get yours reversed, too..."
    • “All of my hits were rejected”
    • “I found this requester easy to contact and they have helped me by explaining how to do the hits posted”
    • “The requester never responded to my attempts to contact them”
    • “The requester was able to reverse my rejections”
    • "The pay is great for the work required"
    • "The instructions are unclear and difficult to understand"
    • "They did not pay the bonus promised"
    • "I don't see any other threads about this requester, are they okay to work for?"
    • "These HITs pay too little for the work required, so I passed"

    Use this simple guide to determine if a post belongs in the Hall of Fame/Shame. If it can help somebody to judge a requester, it is okay to post.

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    This happens a lot because people click on latest posts and do not realize what part of the forum they are in.

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    Thanks for the clarification! That will make the forum a lot cleaner I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by major40 View Post
    This happens a lot because people click on latest posts and do not realize what part of the forum they are in.
    That's a really bad excuse. When you click on latest posts, look at the column on the far right. It shows what part of the forum the post is in.

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    Please note new changes! You may now discuss other ratings or the Requesters' reputation in the HoF/S.
    It's all good.

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