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Thread: Reaching the requirements for Full Access

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    Thank you, clearly, for all the effort put into this site. I first started MTurk just a few weeks ago and now that I've found this site I easily see bad choices I've already made. Then again I look at it as a learning curve. Looking forward to growing with TurkerNation

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    Hang in there, it does take a while to figure things out, but Turker Nation is ready to help!

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    But, are you authorized to be on here at all?

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    I have been on Mturk for a couple of years now, but my regular requesters have been gotten scarce lately so I figured joining a forum might stir things up a bit for me. Looks very interesting what is being posted here. Thanks!

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    Thank you! - Still trying to find my way

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    Very much enjoyed the wisdom of an earlier post stating ''Bottom line, you will simply make more money when you have full access. It is worth sharing a little to make a lot more money'' Looking forward to more actively being involved here

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    thanks for the encouragement!

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