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Thread: If I don't have access to the right forum, where do I post instead?

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    Hi everyone.. its good to see some common sense prevails on this forums, and protections are in place. I will be patient and try to reach the elusive post count. This will take some effort to overcome my tenancy to lurk at times, lol

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    So, that explains why I cannot read the responses to some of my questions I posted. I will just wait patiently until I have access.

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    Thanks for posting. Allows me the opportunity to post (showing I am not a bot).

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    I was wondering why most of the useful stuff is private/unavailable. I think we can post in the daily threads.

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    I'm new to MTurk and was so glad that a forum like this exists! I can't wait to reach my minimum requirements to be able to learn more. I'm trying to supplement disability income and hope this will help. So far it seems everyone jumps right in to help one another. I'm looking forward to the day I can return the favor and help out other newbies. But for now Lord help me trying to wade through the process lol.

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    thanks for the heads up Mimic

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