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Thread: What PC Games do you play?

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    The Sims almost to the exclusion of every other game I've looked at and tinkered with. Now it's Sims 3 with Pets. I have an alter in the game who has a horse named Bacon

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    Quote Originally Posted by mwaters50 View Post
    What server were you on?
    I don't remember. Before I actually closed my account I let it go inactive and the game sent me emails making me so bad that I had abandoned my Ikarians! Every once in a while I think about signing up again and avoiding the kind of politics that goes with joining a big time coalition.

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    I'm totally boring lol, but my game of choice is Bejeweled. I find the dropping of the gems oddly soothing.

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    Oh and I do enjoy all of the positive reinforcement it offers!
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    I play Puzzle Pirates http://www.puzzlepirates.com/ it is awesome and next week they are merging servers so more people are playing together. The basic concept of it getting on a ship and pillaging and plundering stuff from bot ships or other player ships but what makes it so awesome is you have to do puzzles to keep the boat afloat each boat has so many duty stations like sailing carpentry bilging loading the cannons to be fired and battle navigation and if that was not enough there are islands to fight over and on the island are shops that sell cannon balls and rum to use on your ships and you have to do puzzles to make those things too, there are also parlor games like poker, hearts and spades you can play with other players. You can even buy a house to decorate and pick out fancy clothes to wear. I recommend if you decide to play to start out on a subscription ocean it is free to play but there are certain restrictions to non sub players like most games but in the end it is cheaper to play on a sub ocean rather than a dubloon ocean. If i have persuaded anyone to try it out let me know I am more than willing to help a new player out

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    Starcraft 2 is pretty fun. Although, I like to watch it more than I play it most of the times.

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    I used to play SMT Imagine, Mabi (which has turned into crap and a hack fest), and Forsaken World - signed in there the other day, but didn't really play. Used to be a big MMO person, but have been turking and doing other things and not gaming so much.
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    Battlefield 3 !

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    I'm pretty limited on what games I can play. No matter how much I have tried to desensitize myself, games that are in first person (or even third if the camera moves too much) give me horrible motion sickness. I'm jealous too, because I love video games. Although, it might be a good thing, because WoW has always looked really fun to me, and I've others get really addicted to it lol. So, I'm pretty much stuck to top-down RTS (real time strategy) games, casual games, and older games.

    Of those, I loved Diablo 2, Warcraft 3, Sims 2 & 3, and Age of Empires II & III. I don't think they count as 'real' games, but I also used to play a ton of the Zynga Facebook games (Farmville etc). I got tired of the constant need to bug my friends in order to advance in the game though, so I deleted them.

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    I also played Diablo2 a lot. Waiting also for Diablo 3

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    I used to be crazy into Sims, and my friends wanted me desperately to get into WoW. I like things like that, but I know my personality, and with how much I enjoy them, it's easy for my life to get sucked away, so I tend to not play them... or if I play them at all, it's in short intense bursts where I know I have nothing better to do for a week or so, and then afterward, I put them away like they don't exist until the next time. Same with console video games of the same sort.

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