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Thread: Crock pot recipes

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    I've been meaning to get back into crock pot cooking, and the Fix-It and Forget-It cookbooks make it so easy. I like the one that has the five-ingredient recipes.

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    Here, you crocking Turkers, is the recipe I used yesterday for Beef Bourginion (Beef Burgundy). I have a large oval crock pot which I found made it necessary to use more liquid than the recipes I consulted suggested. This recipe is an adaptation of about 5 that I found. The prep is a little much, since my normal approach with the crock pot is a lazy one, mainly throwing things in, covering with water and turning it on.

    2.5/3 lb chuck roast
    2 cups of carrots (I bought the ones already cut into crinkle coins to avoid that prep)
    2 medium/small vidalia onions, chopped
    1 package frozen pearl onions (Trader Joe's)
    1 lb portobello mushrooms, sliced (note: SO asked for some whole mushrooms and some quartered to see how that worked, since mushrooms shrink)
    inexpensive Burgundy wine
    beef broth (low sodium in a tetra pack)
    2 T tomato paste (squeeze tube)
    2 t minced garlic (pre-minced in a jar)
    3 T flour
    1 lb bacon
    bay leaf

    I cooked the bacon to crispy. I reserved about half the bacon for BLTs. Set bacon aside. Cut roast into large chunks, peppered and browned in the bacon fat. (We do not use salt, but you might want some). Put browned chuck in crock pot. Added carrots and onion to same pan and cooked them until the carrots were starting to soften then added garlic. Added a little wine and de-glazed the pan to release all the brown bacon bits, just moving all the contents around while I scraped the pan underneath. Cooked 1-2 min then added tomato paste and mixed in. Added a little beef broth and the flour, then a little more beef broth. Let this cook while stirring to blend in flour and thicken the sauce. Put bay leaf and pearl onions (now thawed) in the crock pot and added the bacon (crumbled) and then the sauce and veggie mixture from the pan. Cooked on low for 7 hours and added sliced mushrooms and more wine and beef broth (50/50) to bring the liquid in the pot up to cover most. Cooked one more hour for a total of 8 hours cooking time. Turned out good! Will probably serve over pasta. One recipe suggested serving over egg noodles. Last night we had BLTs and tonight we'll have the BB.


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    This recipe does not have a title, but it is a favorite at my house.

    You will need:
    • A pound of bacon
    • cabbage
    • potatoes
    • onions
    • carrots
    • turnips
    • parsnips
    • a bay leaf
    • a crock pot, the larger the better. Hell, use two!
    • water

    How many potatoes or carrots or onions or turnips or parsnips? However many you want. My SO likes the cabbage, potatoes, carrot and onion best, so I make sure there are plenty of those. I love the flavor of the parsnips and turnips so I put those in for me.

    • Clean the veggies and cut them if you feel you need to. I usually only cut up the largest ones just to they will fit together better in the crock pot. I quarter one cabbage. I leave skins on for nutrition.
    • Put the veggies in the crock pot. I like to put the cabbage, potatoes and onions on the bottom layer. Then I fill the gaps with smaller carrots and parsnips chunks. I also like to put the turnips on the second layer. They soften faster than the potatoes.
    • Tuck the bay leaf in there somewhere
    • Take the bacon and lay the strips on top of the whole mess
    • Fill the crock pot with water just up to the top of the veggies and underneath the layer of bacon
    • Cook on low for 5 hours or so, or until the smell drives you nuts and you have to have some
    • Remove the bay leaf
    • Serve with butter, salt and fresh ground black peppercorns to taste

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    Crockpot recipes

    Anyone else an avid crockpot cooker?
    Care to share some of your recipes, I need something new to try!

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