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Thread: 04/09/2018 Sky is not falling. It's just Chicken Little Monday

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    I am up for a while too. I went to the garden shop today and got a lot of stuff and as soon as I loaded the truck with the stuff it started raining. Figured I will work a while tonight so I can get an early start in the garden tomorrow. Its been a busy day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MelB View Post
    @bethkoppy I am right there with you on the stress. Somehow things always work out.
    Thank you for the reminder. I had a mentor once tell me "if money can solve it, it's not a problem." I had such a hard time grasping what he meant until I learned that he was a type 1 diabetic who at one point had a triple heart bypass done. All the money in the world couldn't cure him. It was a true problem.

    A few years ago he died of cardiac arrest brought on by a blood sugar drop (he didn't display signs and as far as I know his pump was working correctly). He was in his mid 40's and left behind a wife and 3 kids. What I'd give to still have him here.

    Thank you again. I needed to see this tonight.

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