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Thread: Thanks! And free kindle book

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    Thanks! And free kindle book

    As a new requester, I just wanted to say Thanks.

    I recently learned of a suitcase full of old love letters written by my grandparents, and I wanted to make a book out of them to give to my Mom for her recent birthday.

    I was able to scan in 90 of the hundreds of letters in the suitcase (so far), but then I had the near-impossible task of transcribing them all in a few days.

    So, for the first time, I turned to mechanical turk and posted a job for it, offering $3/letter. I was amazed when the letters were all transcribed within 24 hours of my posting.

    I was impressed not only with the speed and efficiency that this was done, but the care obviously taken by the workers to do a good job. The letters were written in an old-style script and very hard to read. Some were quite long. These HITs were not easy, nonetheless it was clear that all the workers cared and did their best. (One even left a note in the transcription that the HIT had "made his day" )

    As a very small token of thanks, you can all download a free copy of the resultant book at http://a.co/fu6is78 . Be aware that Amazon will only let me keep it free through Sunday, after that it will be $2.99. Download a free copy while you can!

    Thanks again,

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    Thank you for sharing!

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    i did a few of those! They were lovely

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    I remember those hits. I did one. Thanks for posting the back story and making your book available.

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    Thank you for sharing your book, I missed those hits, but took a peek at the book anyway. I love your grandfather's handwriting--I miss the art of beautiful penmanship and am sad my kids' schools stopped teaching handwriting.

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    OK - done. Sorry I missed that earlier.

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    I look forward to finding and completing HITS such as these!

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