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Thread: 03/10/2018 Spring Forward Saturday

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeimdalDagsson View Post
    I did this one the other day, and it wasn't too bad. I originally had some issues getting the survey to work with the browser extension (I think it had to do with my network connection on my desktop--it's abysmal sometimes). It ended up expiring, but they worked with me to do the HIT and get paid the same day. It took maybe an hour for me, but I like to take my time with these HITs when I can lol. It'd probably take others much less time.
    Thanks for the feedback. I'm tired tonight, so think I'll wait until tomorrow, when I can do it after some coffee!
    Once upon a timey wimey....We're all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cireasfire View Post
    I did try mochi though, so that was fun.
    Nice, I love mochi. Who would have thought you can transform ordinary rice into a marshmallow!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeimdalDagsson View Post
    I was just gonna ask about that. I haven't seen or heard anything yet. I'm pretty sure they said it was three days in succession for each part. :/

    EDIT: Just sent a message about it. I'll let you know if I hear anything.
    i just got back from spilling a large lemonade all over my car and saw this. This is in the requester comments on the hit from yesterday: Thank you for your work. We hope you willparticipate to the next study who is going live in the next hours! - but i havent seen it either

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    Had a really bad day that manifested itself into a full blown panic attack at my brother's house today(first time I've ever had one outside my home). Logged on and caught some Z's, but after doing 3 it looks like they were broken (kept getting "An error occurred. Please refresh the current page in your browser." where refreshing did nothing). Just gonna take my $0.15 and go do some yarn and/or gaming therapy. Hope everyone else had a better day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MelB View Post
    Congrats I am so happy for you.

    My sister is having a baby. I get to be the one to do the gender reveal to her and her hubby. I am excited and I cannot wait. I think I want to go to the ultrasound with her I might ask her to see if she has anyone going. I am just beyond beside myself. I am going to be an aunt....again LOL I just love babies.
    Thank you! If you get the chance to go, jump on it for sure. What are you planning for the gender reveal? Love me some babies!

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    Son played 5 basketball games today and I'm the one wiped out. LOL I was going to try to do the continuation of the game survey before heading to bed but it seems nobody else heard about it either and it's not showing up as an available HIT. Probably a good thing, considering I'm falling over right now.

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