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Thread: How do I get approved for better paying HITS?

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    How do I get approved for better paying HITS?

    I have been Turking for about 6 months and have done close to 10,000 HITs with a 99.8% success rate. I still do not make that much money compared to the time I put in. I sometimes go through the HITs I'm not approved for and request qualifications. They are rarely ok'd. I am using Hitscraper, Mturk suite, Crazy Panda. I just installed Hit Forker and the Dashboard Enhancer(haven't had a chance to play with these yet).

    When I look at the daily HITs thread there are always much better paying jobs that I'm not approved for. What can I do to get approved for these? What am I doing wrong? What more can I do? I'm desperate to make some more money. I rarely make more than $65/week and am sometimes putting in 25 hours or more in each week.

    Can someone please help me?!?!

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    I've been Turking for 10 years. It doesn't come at some magical number of HITs. It is sometimes a matter of what HITs are available, the ability to work when good HITs are posting and watching the Daily HITs thread for good stuff, searching for HITs when it seems there is nothing good. I have over 300,000 approved, 99.8 approval rate, and it is always up and down. This forum is the best place to be to move up. If there are good quals up, someone posts them in the Daily HITs thread. Just keep watching.
    Really, you are doing great for 6 months! Be persistent. Turking is not easy money, it's at the mercy of the requesters. Some people make more of money because they grind away at everything that they can. There are good days and not so good.
    Hope that helps...

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    Thank you very much. What you said makes sense and puts me more at ease. It just gets a little frustrating feeling like I could be doing better but just not grasping something that others might know. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer me.

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    I’m in the same boat and this was really great to read! I’ll keep plugging away in hopes as becoming as awesome as y’all

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