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Thread: Outside Criticism for Turking

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    Outside Criticism for Turking

    Anyone else catch flak for wanting to Turk for a living? I'm currently the sole provider for my 17 month old daughter and am currently looking to make just bare minimum to cover bills. Even as a complete noob here I see that as possible if I can put in roughly 3 hrs (actually concentrating/no distractions) a day (need roughly $8/day). I'm getting told that I need something "more stable", something with set hours and pay. There's a lot of factors in play here in my particular case, but I'm less than a week into this and I'm already getting frustrated by the criticism(aka family).
    -I love the time/flexibilty
    -I love the variety of tasks available
    -I love that if I need to pause to take care of my kid, I can
    -I like that pay (for the most part) is pretty immediate
    -I love that I don't have to 'people' like I did when I worked retail
    There are so many other benefits I could list, but my Chromebook is dying.

    Please tell me, am I being an irresponsible parent here or should I just avoid the criticisms and keep on turking?

    *Didn't know if this was the right place to post this so if it's not...sorry. Still new here.

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    I'm new to turking also, but I think its great that you'll be able to make enough money and be able to stay home with your daughter. That's something you will never regret, no matter what they're saying. I think once they see you're making money they'll come around. My family laughed about it when I told them about mturk too but now that I'm making some money they're asking more questions about it and about what type of tasks I do.

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