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Thread: New to the Turking world. any advice welcome

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    New to the Turking world. any advice welcome

    hey guys n gals. today was my first day turking... i did just short of 100 HITS... 3 were approved very quickly. but i was cut off for the day it said. is that like a 24 hour cutoff or how long do i have to wait to get back on the grind? I have done the basic research and i have at least a concept of what is the best way to make the most... but any advice for a beginner that i should know before i hurt myself in the long run? I look foreward to working together with anyone and everyone and I intend on supporting TurkerNation monitarily and in any other way i can. Thanks

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    Welcome to Turker Nation! You have come to the right place
    I believe the reset of the 24 hours is at midnight PT. As a beginner, it is good to look at requester reviews on Turkopticon so you can avoid the really bad ones. There is also lots of good advice in our Daily HITs thread that can help you on your way.

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