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Thread: I am looking for 1 Turker to help me build a 3D model of a workspace!!!! $30 / 1-2 hour HIT

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    I am looking for 1 Turker to help me build a 3D model of a workspace!!!! $30 / 1-2 hour HIT

    Hi Everyone,

    I am an experienced Requester and I am also an artist.

    For my next project, I’m building a miniature 3D printed model of a Turker work room (a computer desk, room and set up where you Turk).

    I’m running an initial test for this project and would like to find 1 Turker today from TurkerNation.com who can help with this test. The amount is $30 to complete this task. I’m not posting the task on mTurk (yet) since it's fairly complex and I need to test it with one person – and because the photo upload feature has changed for Requesters. All of the detailed instructions are below. It should take about 1 hour (maybe a little more) to do correctly. If you’d like to do this, please raise your hand by emailing me at bestdamnship@gmail.com so we can chat and confirm! I’d like work with someone to get started so we can test this out today, Sunday January 21st. I will provide payment for the completed HIT via Venmo at job completion. I’m only looking for 1 Turker right now to test this out, so please don’t do the work if we’ve not talked and we’ve agreed to go ahead over email.

    p.s. if you’re curious, the closet thing I have been able to find like this is this project: http://www.watertight.world/




    Again, please do not work on this HIT until we have confirmed over email. I am only looking for 1 person to test this right now.

    HITs available = 1

    Instructions: Stand in your work room and take about 200 photos of your home workspace - the room where you Turk with your computer (detailed instructions on how to take the photos is below). Don't move anything in the room until all the photos are taken (because that will impact the model). Upload all the photos to a Google Drive link (which I will send you if you’re selected).

    We will download the photos to construct a 3D model (which will then be 3D printed) of the room. A miniature model will be displayed at an art show about the future of work.

    Total = $30. I can compensate the approved Turker over Venmo.


    Shoot with a DSLR if you have access to one.
    If not, a camera with manual settings is ideal, but a high quality mobile phone camera will suffice as a backup option but is not ideal.

    With a DSLR camera - You’ll want to keep your settings set to “manual” and consistent among all photos in the photo set. And, use the same lens for all the photos in the photo set as well.

    • Autofocus is okay.
    • Avoid shadows, especially moving shadows.
    • Light the room so that everything is evenly lit. No high contrast shadows.
    • Maintain consistent lighting among all photos.
    • Ensure the entire subject is in focus.
    • Avoid a depth of field shallower than the subject itself.
    • Avoid motion blur. Make sure your subject is still.
    • Avoid reflective surfaces.
    • Remove mirrors or glass objects whenever possible.

    Before uploading to the Google Drive, please go over the photos and ask yourself:
    • Are my photos all in focus?
    • Do they have the proper exposure?
    • Does my photoset cover the entire object or surface? Including the occluded parts?
    • Are the key features present in multiple photos?
    • Is the lighting consistent among all photos? If there are some shadows, are they in a fixed location among all of the photos?
    • Are all of the elements of the scene completely fixed across every photo in the photo set?

    If selected to do this project, I can email you some examples for how to take the photos.

    Thank you,

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    Thank you.
    Please write to @spamgirl to have her give you a requester account.

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