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Thread: Get to know the new Worker site

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    Get to know the new Worker site

    Last month, Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) launched a new website for MTurk Worker customers. The new site has a simpler navigation and refreshed design. It is also mobile-responsive, allowing Workers to discover, accept, and submit Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) on tablets and smartphones in addition to desktop computers and laptops. The site reflects a major milestone for MTurk, and would not have been possible without the contributions of thousands of Worker customers who tried the early versions of the new website, shared feedback, and helped us improve.

    To help Workers get the most out of the new Worker site, today’s blog will highlight the placement of some of most commonly used features. We hope this helps Workers who were familiar with the old MTurk Worker site acclimate to the new design.

    Finding your Worker ID
    You can always find your Worker ID on the top left corner of the site. Clicking on the ID will automatically copy it to your clipboard so it’s ready for pasting. This is especially convenient when working on HITs that ask you to provide your Worker ID.

    Finding your Worker ID
    Changing the number of HITs displayed per page
    You can change the number of HITs displayed on the All HITs page by clicking on the drop-down menu near the top right corner of the page. You can choose to display 10, 20, 50, or 100 HITs per page. Your selection will be remembered throughout the rest of your session.

    Changing the number of HITs displayed per page
    Filtering search results
    You can filter search results by clicking on the “Filter” button that is located to the right of the search bar. You can filter search results to see only HITs that you have MTurk Qualifications to work on, HITs that require the MTurk Masters Qualification, or HITs above a given reward amount. You can also set your preferred sort order by clicking on options underneath “Sort by.” Once you have selected your filter preferences, click on “Apply” to see your results.

    Beginning today, any search filters you set will remain set for the duration of your session. This was a commonly requested improvement by Worker customers, and we’re pleased to deliver it today.

    Filtering search results
    Contacting Requesters
    When previewing or working on a HIT, Workers may need to contact the Requester with questions or clarifications. When viewing a HIT, click on the “HIT Details” link at the top left corner of the page. A pop-up menu will appear with a “Contact This Requester” link at the bottom. Click “Contact This Requester” to send a message to the Requester for that HIT. The Requester will receive an e-mail containing your message and including your e-mail address, so they can reply to you directly.

    Contacting Requesters
    Accessing Account Settings
    To access your Account Settings, such as viewing your payments-related information, click on your name at the top right corner of the site.

    Accessing Account Settings
    We continue to gather great feedback from our Worker customers on ideas to improve the site. We look forward to delivering more improvements to our Worker customers on this new site.

    It's all good.

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