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Thread: Today's Batches?

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    Today's Batches?

    I've had the following requesters running in Overwatch looking to see if they put up any large(ish)batches today, but have not been able to find a single batch for the last 3 hours.

    Amazon Rekognition Team
    Project Endor
    Ben Peterson
    Sergey Schmidt

    Should I be using a different monitor program than Overwatch or have these posters just not posted any batches today? I honestly haven't found ANY of the batches that people have listed on here...still going to go through the 1000 approved hits batch list and add them to Overwatch, but I'm just trying to see if I'm doing this right now that I've been on Amazon Turk for a while. Any advice or requesters I'm missing? I'm just looking for the best repetitive work that pays half-decent for when I'm not doing surveys.

    Thanks all

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    Things have been slow. Overwatch is good. Follow the Great HITs thread to see what is currently happening.

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    Much love! Even the Daily HITs thread is a lot for me to keep up with sometimes since it gets posted in a lot, but I try to stop in when I can and contribute as well.

    God blesses

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