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Thread: 01/04/2017 Stay Warm and Keep Turking Thursday

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    Quote Originally Posted by dee4j View Post
    "Dial the following toll-free numbers from a LANDLINE (not VoIP or Mobile) and enter the associated PIN number. Hang up after you hear "Thank You", and check corresponding checkbox." 3S82SNMR20ELM0KYQWAZ6UM4BL7FAW
    I'm sure I've seen those before but I'm not finding them up right now. Do you know who the requester is?

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    Title: Social judgments(~ 3 minutes) | AcceptA
    Requester: PLEEP Lab [A1423FO0G8Z6D] Contact
    TO: [Pay: 4.31] [Fast: 5.00] [Comm: 4.50] [Fair: 4.98] [Reviews: 50] [ToS: 0]
    Reward: $0.35
    Duration: 15 minutes
    Available: 1
    Description: Read a short hypothetical scenario and make a series of judgments.
    Requirements: Total approved HITs GreaterThanOrEqualTo 100; Exc: [-719504525-69457] DoesNotExist; HIT approval rate (%) GreaterThanOrEqualTo 90; Location In US

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    One of those weird days where I keep leaving, and every time I come back there's a lot to do. Need to go to bed though...


    It looks like things are picking back up.
    It's like a video game, except that when I level up I get paid!

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    I caught one of those Dalinger hits, but it just sat there waiting for other participants for 20 minutes. I just gave up, so it's out there if you want to try for it. Caught on my requester panda: AUYKYIHQXG6XR

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