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Thread: Newbie Asking Re: Amazon Mechanical Turk Team HITs

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    Newbie Asking Re: Amazon Mechanical Turk Team HITs

    I see that the HIT's posted by Amazon MTurk Team pay nothing. It is clearly "information-gathering" and I don't mind providing Amazon with information (after all, they already have my Social Security number).

    Does anyone know if these completed HIT's will add to my tally of HIT's completed, while building my first 50 and 100 HIT's?

    Also, is it possible that completing Amazon's HIT's will match me up with more surveys?

    For example, I opened one survey that gave me a red "X" because I was not a verified cat lover.

    I am not opposed to performing HIT's that pay nothing, as long as it helps build my reputation in the beginning.

    Thank you for any input.

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    Welcome to Turker Nation!

    Yes, those HITs are qual HITs and you want as many quals as possible.

    Join us in the Daily HITs thread, you will learn so much there!

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    Thank you for answering my question!

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