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Thread: Unable to work on any more hits today

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    Unable to work on any more hits today

    Hi I have received the "Unable to work on any more hits today. Please come back tomorrow to work on hits" message three days in a row...has anyone had any experience with and/or why this may be happening?

    I e-mailed Amazon Turk support and posed my guesses as to why but they are more interested in the specific guesses which are...only guesses...and have been unable to tell me anything for the third day in a row. This time I e-mailed them saying I have no idea why and asking for a more generic answer, but it doesn't hurt to ask if anyone else knows about reasons this may be caused. My guesses are from maybe auto-collecting too many hits but I really don't know why? I don't have a provisional account and I have submitted less than 100 hits each day I've worked anyway...

    Thanks for any feedback!

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    It may be the case that you have returned some hits that you accepted. That counts against your 100 hits for the day. Hang in there. The limitation will go away soon.

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    Right, it's not a limit on how many HITs you can submit, it's a limit on how many HITs you can accept.

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    Just hang in there.

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