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Thread: Need help with Turkmaster on new Mturk interface

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    Quote Originally Posted by FeistyLady99 View Post
    BEFORE YOU READ THROUGH THIS LONG DIATRIBE ... Go to greasyfork.org and download the latest version of TurkMaster 1.5.8 just updated today! Not sure if you'll be able to import the old water list, but he supposedly got the stopping issue fixed. I haven't played with it yet.
    I'll give it a go sooner than later. Thanks a lot for the info.

    TurkMaster has a lot of issues, and the original author is working on it apparently. The biggest part of the problem is coming from the new mTurk platform. Coding items that used to be available to incorporate into scripts are now being hidden (best guess is Amazon is intentionally doing this so people won't use scripts). I just happened to stumble across a reference in an old message about the default watchers in TM causing issues. So I played around with it on my computer to see if I could get it to work at all.
    Hm. My guess was that mturk is doing so to give it a fresh look. But more importantly, I felt it's doing so as it wants Workers to prevent from Auto-Accepting the HITs. We can only wonder, though. Maybe we'll know someday.

    From what I can tell, the Watch this Hit button works for setting up a watcher off of the Preview part of the main mTurk Page. Can't seem to get it to work with requesters yet or for hits that aren't available. I truly don't know if the author is going to get it working (I don't do code stuff, I'm just stubborn and like to research problems).
    I don't know about coding stuff. Except the very basic stuff like for bold, italics, etc. BTW, watching Requesters was (and is) working for me. Even for those that don't have any HITs up. However, the same is not working for the HITs that aren't available!

    Have you looked at MTurk Suite (Chrome extension)? Lots of people seem to like it, but parts of it seem to break regularly too right now. I have a feeling TM is going to fall to the wayside and may never be updated properly. Another thing you can do is to check regularly for TM updates either on greasyfork or through TamperMonkey.

    I used TM all the time before PandaCrazy came along. The first few days were hard to get used to since the graphic interface (with all those blue boxes) is so different, but in all honesty, I love it now. Like everything else, all these changes to mTurk's platform have caused headaches for the author, but he's been on top of working on it to get it fixed. There is a lot of flexibility with it that TM just never had. If you decide to give it another try, I'll be happy to help you get over any rough spots (there is a bit of a learning curve, but so worth it in my opinion). Just shoot me a pm and maybe we could coordinate a time to go through things simultaneously, so no message delays back and forth.
    I'll PM you regarding this matter ASAP.

    Right now for turking I'm using: Panda Crazy, HIT Forker, and Overwatch. I use 3 flat screen monitors, so my setup is stranger than most. One of the nicest features of PC is the fact you can keep an eye on your queue easier than constantly having to refresh mTurk's Your HIT's Queue. It increases and decreases automatically every so many seconds as HIT's come in and you complete them.

    HIT Forker is yet another script like HIT Finder, HIT Scraper, etc. So far with the changes it's been pretty reliable (more than the ones combined into MTurk Suite).

    Overwatch is a neat little script I just starting using this past week. You basically can tell it to search for specific requesters or key words and it just gives you a heads-up (voice and/or desktop notification) if something comes along. It doesn't grab it for you automatically, but I'm using it just to alert me to when sporadic requesters are becoming active. Panda Crazy keeps track of how many times Amazon gives you that error about too many page requests too fast ... Panda Crazy calls them PRE's (Page Request Error). Even though I know Overwatch has to access mTurk to scan for the requesters I designated, it doesn't seem to throw those errors like Panda Crazy can.
    I too tried Overwatch, but it wasn't of much help (not that it's worthless, but I'm sure you get what I mean here). I tried HIT Monitor too which was similar to Overwatch. I badly miss the Auto-Accept feature. The sooner it's fixed, the better. Of course, if ever!
    PC sounds really great, but for now, just thinking of it makes me uneasy.

    All in all, Amazon really screwed the workers with this changeover. But there's a lot of folks who will not give up on getting the new format to be profitable. So scripts will be updated as best they can, and new ones written. I know the script I miss the most right now is the database script. I've already had to return HITs I did a week ago because I recognized it after I had already accepted and was several pages into it. Not being able to check ahead of time is a problem with requesters who will reject if you accidentally do their work twice. If you are not aware of it yet, we also lost the ability to know when the Automatic Approval time is ... no way to know now how long it will be before payment or rejection.
    While I'm not a frequent user of the database script and I rarely check AA time, it's true that I did use to check it. Wasn't aware that it's no longer possible with the new site. Thanks for sharing that.

    I'll second the motion that you take another look at Panda Crazy as a possible replacement for TM. I used both TM and PC for about 2 weeks just to get the hang of it. I would have a watcher set up in TM, and then set one up in PC to see which one grabbed hits more reliably. PC won the race every time.
    I surely will do so if I stay. I can only hope for otherwise. Okay, enough sad about this.

    I'll keep my eyes open for any more fixes for TM issues in the meantime, and your English is perfect!
    Thanks for being so kind to an anonymous user who rarely visits this forum and has never been of any help to anyone so far. You've literally gone out of your way to help me and I can't thank you enough for that. Thanks infinitely for everything. And I know you're just being kind regarding my English
    Life is full of disappointments, and I am full of life!

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