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Thread: Solution to PC/TM/scripts not working after Firefox 57 update

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    Solution to PC/TM/scripts not working after Firefox 57 update

    Basically, it's Greasemonkey 4's fault. You can wait for Greasemonkey to fix the problem with an update or you can temporarily/permanently switch to the Tampermonkey add-on (thanks @jrb0408 ) for Firefox instead.

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    Let me add that you can run both Greasemonkey and Tampermonkey at the same time, however which ever one you installed last will get any new scripts that you add and the scripts that you have with greasemonkey will continue to update. Right now it seems that Turkmaster, Panda Crazy and the mmmturkeybacon Ghost HIT Buster for Forums will not work correctly with the latest Greasemonkey for Firefox 57. There may be more, feel free to add them here. The problem as far as I can tell lies with the updated greasemonkey script, but I am not a programmer so that could be off base. What I do know is that if you download Tampermonkey and then reinstall the above three scripts they will work fine with the new Firefox.

    Many add-ons have been updated for Firefox 57, but there are many that have not been these are what they refer to as Legacy add-ons they will not work in FF57, they discontinued functionality for those. You can try here to find updates or similar add-ons : https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/tag/firefox57 Many have been updated but there are several that the devs say they will not be updating. Some have been updated and changed their names a bit, Tile Tabs is now Tile Tabs WE. You can also revert to 56, but you are only delaying the inevitable. If you do downgrade then keep in mind you will have to also go back to the old greasemonkey in order for your scripts to work.

    If you have upgraded and greasemonkey tells you that you dont have any scripts, it is likely that Firefox has logged you out of Firefox Sync. Just go to Options/ Firefox Account and then log in. It will sync your add-ons automatically, if they dont show up in a few minutes just restart the brower and they should be there. If for some reason you have not setup Firefox sync, then you have probably lost them and will have to reinstall them. In this case I would recommend disabling greasemonkey and install Tampermonkey and put them there.

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