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Thread: Mturk Worker Userscripts

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    I just want to thank you for taking this on @kadauchi . It is amazing that you guys/gals are willing to share your talents and skills with us for very little appreciation and a lot of grief.

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    yeah these work great thank you

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    I use a script for doing the Procor Development Hits, if you could do that one, I would be forever grateful.

    *** PLEASE DISREGARD ... finally got the one I was using in Chrome/Tampermonkey to work in Firefox/Greasemonkey.
    Last edited by FeistyLady99; 10-27-2017 at 05:17 PM.
    I've reached the AGE where my BRAIN has switched from "I PROBABLY SHOULDN'T DO THAT" to "WHAT THE HELL, LET'S SEE WHAT HAPPENS."

    You call them swear words, I call them sentence enhancers!

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    Add hidden stats to dashboard
    Approval time (can't do )
    Color coded search with checkpoints
    Contact templates
    Full queue
    Great HIT Export (IRC and VB)
    Preview, Accept, and Hoard
    Resize iFrame and Focus
    Return All
    Return All Sandbox (that might just be mine lol)
    It's all good.

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    Great HIT Export (IRC and VB)
    Yeah, they have to do this on my birthday???

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    Whichever script is used to block seeing requesters I dispise off the dashboard.

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    CH Block Using HIT Scraper's Blocklist

    JR mturk timer warning

    It's Broke

    MTurk Confirm Return HIT (with queue support)

    Mturk Hourly

    mmmturkeybacon Save Automatic Approval Time

    Is This On Endore

    New HIT Monitor v2

    Thank you SO much!

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    These are the ones that I rely on most.

    PC Helper (there's an update which now adds panda buttons to worker site, but it only works on the main hit list. If you miss a hit and are taken to the "no hits available" page the buttons do not appear.)

    mturk Dark Theme
    To be honest, I prefer the greasemonkey script even though it is a little slower. I like it because you can exclude the domain of a single page instead of having the script make a global change to the entire site. E.g., I have it excluding the URL for Hit Finder Beta (because it overrides HFBs built in themes), which, as I understand it, can't be done in a stylish script.

    mturk dashboard

    mmmturkeybacon Add Hidden Stats to Dashboard

    turkopticon-async (though looking at the code it looks like this one might already work. my apologies if that is the case.)

    full queue

    mmmturkeybacon scroll to workspace (same caveat as turkopticon-async)

    mmmturkeybacon Show Only Hit Posts

    mmmturkeybacon Ghost HIT Buster for Forums

    HIT Finder Beta (I can open this with the new site URL but all of the links still direct to old site)

    Approval Time

    Since this list is already longer than a child's letter to Santa I might as well add one more.

    I've been wanting a way to add a dark theme to PandaCrazy since the first time I opened it. I have macular degeneration and the bright backgrounds etc really just kill my eyes. Anything that could be done about that would be a godsend.

    Thank you so much for what you're doing to help the turk community. The transition will be a lot less difficult thanks to your efforts.

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    MTurk Great HIT Export - https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/91...eat-hit-export

    mmmturkeybacon Save Automatic Approval Time - https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/31...-approval-time

    mmmturkeybacon Scroll To Workspace - https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/31...l-to-workspace

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    Quote Originally Posted by kadauchi View Post
    Added (I can't edit the top post anymore)

    Doesn't Worker do this by default?
    The queue order is an issue I'm having too if I am working in more than one window.

    Hit Export (vB) - we need an export button to post the hits in forums

    Thanks for making this thread and all your work to get us straightened out

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