Message Boards

There has been limited research on how message boards impact the generalizability and quality of the data collected on MTurk. Participants on MTurk have the ability to post and view message boards (e.g., turkopticon, reddit, mturkgrind, turkernation) that may contain information about the nature of the HIT, the presence and nature of data-quality check questions, payment, and so forth (Mason and Suri, 2012). However, the typical message board post focuses on interesting HITs, bad requestors, or high paying HITs.


Message boards have the ability to direct traffic to a HIT, and thus, impact self-selection into HITs (Chandler et al., 2014). Additionally, the population of workers using message boards may not be representative of MTurk as a whole (Chandler et al., 2014), and are more likely to be a sample of MTurk workers with some weak social ties (Schmidt, 2015) or Super Turkers. Taken together, message board activity may result in a sample of MTurk workers that differs from the MTurk population in meaningful ways.

Data quality

There is currently no research examining message boards as a threat to data quality. However, due to the risk of non-naïveté (Chandler et al., 2014), we speculate that usefulness of prescreens, attention checks, or experimental designs may be adversely impacted.


Although there is no way to prevent participants from posting or viewing these message boards, researchers do have the ability to monitor the boards. We recommend that researchers monitor message boards to determine if compromising information has been shared (e.g., prescreen criteria). Another use of monitoring message boards is to track if negative information about the study has been put online. This could substantially lower the response rates on a research HIT. In addition, if researchers are concerned that compromising information may be shared on the message boards eventually, they should consider releasing the research HIT in one large batch to alleviate time for online discussion (Horton et al., 2011).