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Thread: 8/13/2017 Eastwatch Sunday HITs

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarlsBored View Post
    were they in a stadium? I threw one away like that in the midst of the batch because time

    I know I'm at almost complete exhaustion when I looked at yesterdays totals trying to figure out why so few hits approved and yet it just jumped over $20....that board games hit approved lol Good news is daughter doesn't open the store until friday so no ridiculously early mornings until then
    I got two that were similar, both outside theaters.

    I just tossed back 3 PFAs. Didn't have enough time to finish.

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    well Ithink that I am done for the night first time in a while that I could bum out and just do hits and watch tv and not have to do anything on a weeknd off. last week I did ..............................Your HIT activity for this week:
    - Number of HITs submitted: 662

    Approvals and payments that occurred this week:
    - Number of HITs approved: 528
    - Number of HITs rejected: 0
    - Bonus reward earned: $1.01
    - HIT reward earned: $36.68
    - Total Amount earned this week: $37.69
    so now enogugh rambling on from me I going to sign off have a good night nation

    and today I did.............................Today's Projected Earnings: $28.98 + Bonuses: $1.30 = $30.28
    [spoiler=Today's Projected Earnings Overview]
    Submitted 138
    Approved 47
    Rejected 0
    Pending 91

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    Take a 1-question survey (US-based) View a HIT in this group

    Requester: PickFu

    HIT Expiration Date: Aug 20, 2017 (7 days 1 hour)
    Time Allotted: 5 minutes

    Reward: $0.04
    HITs Available: 1
    Description: Pick the choice that best answers the question.
    Once upon a timey wimey....We're all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?

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    ahhh.. I forgot its SUnday... must go watch Game Of Thrones!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cuddles View Post
    Can you help me figure out what and how I work this site just joined today
    Me too please!

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    Well, I checked out for a while after PFAs and Flintstones were done and I see that things have stayed slow since then.

    Today's Projected Earnings: $52.58 + Bonuses: $1.43 = $54.01
    Not too shabby!

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    Pretty dead. I'm only hanging around to see if we get another late night batch of Flintstones.

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