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Thread: 08/12/2017 Natonal Middle Child Day

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    Jul 2015
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    Yea.. 2am here, I can't go much longer lol

    ETA: Tagging out. Good luck, intrepid boxers!

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    If anyone's still awake my panda caught this - think it was close to 55mins - and wants to do it tonight LMK. I'll hold it for a lil.

    Title: Images Experiment | PANDA
    Requester: Jonathon Walters [A1GTYMVFJHROI3] (TO)
    TO Ratings:
    ????? 3.69 Communicativity
    ????? 3.40 Generosity
    ????? 4.23 Fairness
    ????? 4.08 Promptness
    Number of Reviews: 16 | TOS Flags: 0
    Submit a new TO review
    Description: An experiment conducted by Stanford University on human decision-making, learning, and memory. You will be asked to verify that you are between 18-40 years of age.
    Time: 2 hours

    HITs Available: 1
    Reward: $7.00
    Qualifications: Total approved HITs is greater than 1;HIT approval rate (%) is greater than 90;Location is US;Adult Content Qualification is 1

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    Title: answer a survey about your opinions(~ 8 minutes) | PANDA
    Requester: AliceKathmandu [AF9UB2EW72JNK] (TO)
    TO Ratings:
    ????? 5.00 Communicativity
    ????? 3.13 Generosity
    ????? 2.00 Fairness
    ????? 4.00 Promptness
    Number of Reviews: 10 | TOS Flags: 0
    Submit a new TO review
    Description: answer a survey about your opinions
    Time: 30 minutes
    HITs Available: 73
    Reward: $1.50
    Qualifications: Masters has been granted;Exc: [-1942062865-51902] has not been granted;Location is one of: US

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    I think I got around 140 Flintstones. Thank goodness I can sleep in tomorrow. Unless good work pops up. Hmmmm.

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    whew finally cleared out queue again. That was a nice extra chunk of change. Over $6 in them.

    Today's Projected Earnings: $82.16

    Leaving a few pandas on just in case.

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