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Thread: Is it possible to create this type of HIT?

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    Is it possible to create this type of HIT?

    I want to create a HIT which contains a questionnaire. The HIT would require the worker to have this criteria:

    1. Be based in the US

    2. They must be in employment and would need to verify this by emailing us to confirm using their work email address

    3. We would also want their manager/supervisor from their workplace to also complete a similar questionnaire and so they would need to gain approval from their manager before signing up for the HIT.

    Do you think Mturk would allow this sort of set up?

    This would obviously be a highly specialised HIT so I do understand if it requires a very reasonable payment to both the individual and the manager. We would only pay individuals who have ticked all three boxes.

    It sounds like a very tricky HIT in terms of logistics. I just wondered, would there be any Amazon Mturk restrictions to this type of HIT?

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    This would violate mTurk's terms of service.
    As you can see here, You cannot require the disclosure of a worker's identity, nor an email address. You also cannot have them solicite a third party, which I believe their manager would be.

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    Thanks for this.

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