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Thread: Doing surveys, Inc/Exc NOOB

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    Doing surveys, Inc/Exc NOOB

    Ok this survey only has the INC/EXC and US location quals. I have the inc (which I assume means i can take it, then when i do ill have the exc so i cant take it again).

    I'm a US user, Inc has been granted, Exc has not been granted, and when I click to accept hit it says i havent met the quals. I am a new user so i may be dumb, but theres no other quals like need 100 hits or anything just those 2 quals and the dont have the quals pops up at top of screen everytime. Why can't i take it?

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    I'm guessing the values after INC EXC are some sort of ID (not worker ID cause theres no letters in it) so only past survey takers can take this one or whatever.

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