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Thread: 07/15/2017 Could've Should've Would've

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    I stopped at 122. Returned the last few in queue because just too many weeds and burned out lol. That definitely helped my day

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    Quote Originally Posted by margaretd1949 View Post
    This is the first I have done these and even though I have read and reread the instructions it is still so hard to tell which are the weeds.
    I am also confused about where it says cotton 1 and weed 2. Why does it say that? You have to mark them all, correct?
    You do have to mark all plants. These were difficult because of the glare on them. Make sure you use that toggle button on the bottom - normal plant hits you can see the different plants a lot easier.

    The cotton 1 button and weed button at the top? Cotton green weed red? When you start each hit it's automatically on green for cotton. Box the cotton plants. Then hit the red weed button to start Red boxes for weeds.

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    I'm doing that IMC Lab moral praise memory hit and ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    but it's $4.

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    at this point it's got to almost be over geeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I'm too far in to throw it back but all this writing is torture

    thank goodness that is done. put me up to $25.22 for the day. Way better than the $9.02 I almost settled for. Horrible PE but okay for a saturday with no more z's

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    They posted another one.

    Title: Take a 1-question survey (US-based) | PANDA
    Requester: PickFu [AI2HRFAYYSAW7] (TO)
    TO Ratings:

    ????? 4.18 Communicativity
    ????? 4.24 Generosity
    ????? 4.72 Fairness
    ????? 4.79 Promptness
    Number of Reviews: 285
    (Submit a new TO rating for this requester)

    Description: Pick the choice that best answers the question.
    Time: 5 minutes
    Hits Available: 2
    Reward: $0.04
    Qualifications: PickFu NDA is 1; Location is US

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    set master account posting

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    Quote Originally Posted by margaretd1949 View Post
    Do you not have the qual?
    No, I don't have the qual yet.

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    At this time of night? I guess they have switched things up!

    Quote Originally Posted by DarlsBored View Post
    set master account posting

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    Title: Do Website User Test - 48ce0caf
    Requester: SoundingBox (Change Sciences Group) [A1DIWKR9NEY82N] (TO)
    TO Ratings: TO down.
    Description: Perform a user test on a website. It's fun and your opinion matters!
    Reward: $15.00
    Time: 60 minutes
    Hits Available: 1
    Qualifications: Qualify for a $15.0 Website User Test - 48ce0caf is not less than 2, Total approved HITs is not less than 30, HIT approval rate (%) is not less than 85, Location is one of: US

    Qual test attached
    On average, approximately how many trips do you take outside this solar system, per year?

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