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Thread: 07/12/2017 Keep your life simple and bake pecan pie

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    Well, although the board is a lot quieter, there are a lot of people on mturk. There are a few batches that seem to post PM instead of AM, so be on the lookout for new batches.

    I think the survey requesters are a lot less busy at night than during the day. Generally speaking surveys are easier to catch during the day.

    Usually, it isn't a lack of work that makes me turn in for the day, but being too tired to maintain quality work, so I pack it in and start fresh tomorrow (like I am about to do now).

    Quote Originally Posted by seal5771 View Post
    here for night crew since I needed to spend all day cleaning and getting ready for vacation how well does everyone do that works nights usually I do mornings

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    This was kind of different. Took me about 15 minutes.
    Title: Interactive Multimodal Dialog: Receiving a Compliment Task (Requires a working webcam & microphone) | PANDA
    Requester: ETS NLP Research [A2DEO4C7NM57S9] (TO)
    TO Ratings:

    ????? 4.38 Communicativity
    ????? 4.55 Generosity
    ????? 5.00 Fairness
    ????? 4.31 Promptness
    Number of Reviews: 91
    (Submit a new TO rating for this requester)

    Description: Interactive web browser-based multimodal dialog task
    Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
    Hits Available: 1
    Reward: $1.30
    Qualifications: HIT approval rate (%) is greater than 95

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