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Thread: Getting a "not qualified" message and cannot figure out why.

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    Angry Getting a "not qualified" message and cannot figure out why.

    I keep getting this message when I try to accept a survey HIT:

    You are not qualified to accept this HIT. You either do not have the required Qualification or, if you possess the Qualification, your value does not match the value required for you to accept the HIT. You can browse all Qualifications to find qualifications you want to obtain or browse HITs available to you to view HITs you are qualified to complete.

    The only Qualification listed is a, "...has not been granted" Qual. When I search Qualifications I can find the Qual. and I don't have it. The other requirements are all things like US residency and other things that I pass.

    So, it looks like there is no reason I should not be able to Accept the HIT. But I get that message above. Does anyone have any idea what this is about?

    (Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong area. I'm honestly not sure but this looks like the right place.)

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    Hi OldTurkey,

    For the "...has not been granted" does it say you meet or do not meet that requirement?

    If you don't mind, who is the requester and what is the HIT and/or qualification name?
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    Hi RippedWarrior,

    Thanks for your response.

    No, I checked the quals. and I had not been granted the excluding qual. As I said, there were no listed qualifications that should have prevented me from accepting the HIT.

    I really don't remember the requesters and the HITs weren't up for very long. It actually happened a few times with two or three different requesters and (obviously) different HITs. I checked the "...has not been granted." requirements for them and I didn't have the excluding qualification for any of them.

    If it happens again I'll post it here in this thread.

    Thanks for your interest.

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