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Thread: If You Are Looking For A Good Guide to Turking: from Member HelloKitty

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    If You Are Looking For A Good Guide to Turking: from Member HelloKitty

    You have to do more than rely on Hit Finder. Here's my unrequested opinion and advice:

    I have mine set up similarly to what someone else said they had theirs. Some days, I catch so much I can hardly contain the joy. I might do that 2-3 days in a row.

    - BUT THEN -

    I don't catch a thing for 3-6 days after that. Yesterday, was horrible. Today is turning out the same. And it really sucks to see everyone else saying, "Oh, I made $140 today...it was so slow!" and you're sitting there with a damn dollar.

    You'll have days where turking seems like a total joke and everyone has some secret that they aren't telling you. And some people do have secrets they don't share - which seems ridiculous to me when everyone tells their friends and neighbors to get on mturk to make money - one would think that would be the secret you don't share...and some people have tools that they shouldn't have, and some people have cliques where they only share the information with their clique friends, and they will all tell you the same thing: "Masters doesn't matter" and "You have to have quals", and that's fine, but mturk is saturated now because everyone told their local grocer, their mailman, their hairdresser, their frriends, their family, their dog groomer to get on mturk to make extra money. It's flooded now.

    How do you get those closed quals? You look at the requester part of the forum. Every day. Check if a few times a day just to see if anything new popped up. You do a search. You try a requester. You're going to have to bite the bullet and try unknown requesters...those with no TO. It's like requesters throwing their hits out to the masses. They could throw them only to Masters (which doesn't prove anything but pure luck that someone got it), which would be like us doing hits for someone with TO, or they could take a chance on unknown workers, like we take a chance on unknown requesters.

    Sometimes you get burned.

    Sometimes you get very lucky.

    Sometimes you think you're about to get lucky and then someone else discovers it, and has an email exchange with the requester and takes the work from you. (I've actually had that happen to me, personally, it's not hearsay.)

    Most of the time, it won't turn in to a closed qual for only a select few, but it can give you something to do when the high paying surveys keep getting snatched up by the aforementioned former dog groomers, mailmen, grocers, and all the family and friends that were told about mturk.

    Other than that, it really is all in the timing. I have literally sat there, on the hit finder page, with my cursor aimed at the spot where I know the link under "accept" will show, put my HF on 2 seconds, and clicked the link as soon as the hit showed, and still did not get the hit. (Any lower and you run the risk of page refresh errors which will only make you miss more hits.)

    Here's what I do now:

    I don't talk to much on forums anymore because every second I'm on here talking, it's a second I'm not finding money. Although there seems to be some correlation with talking a lot on forums and getting Masters. But maybe that's just because all those people tell everyone they got masters. But then again, it's the ones who talk the most, it seems. It's just a theory. No one has a clue how anyone gets Masters. I can tell you though, if you name yourself "Hello Kitty", apparently Amazon won't give you Masters.

    I go in to what is called "work mode". There's a script that allows you to see only hits on a forum. I use that on days that I'm desperate for money because rent is coming up and the last thing you need is to lose your place to live. Get familiar with greasyfork or tapermonkey, depending on which browser you use. Use the scripts to make your life easier.

    I have no set hours. I do not wake up at 5 am and work until 5pm and call it a day. I work throughout the day. I will take naps. I don't remember the last time I've actually slept a full night. Yes, I'm exhausted, but what else can you do when you need to make money and it's harder and harder to do that and the quals aren't coming?

    I set up my Panda Crazy to hold up to 5 hits. Some say that's too many, but I seem to usually have decent luck that way, catching 2 out of that 5 a day, on average. I run my Hit Finder. If I'm in work mode, I quickly glance at forums. I check the requester part of the forum. And I search a lot. I do a hit here and there for various requesters that I don't know, see what they think, try it again, as I get faster, I figure out if it's worth it or not.

    Always try to make money. If you see a batch that has decent TO, even if you don't really like that batch, do some anyway because it's better to make 30 cents than make no cents. If you find yourself sitting there for an hour and you didn't make a penny, you need to start searching for hits on the actual mturk site and start doing them. "Most Available" is what you want to look for. Check their TO. Get that script that colors the search page so you can see the TO just by mousing over the colored arrows. Is it decent? If it's around 2.5/3, quickly read some of the TO. Bad TO isn't always for rejections. Sometimes people feel entitled to things and take it out on requesters. If it's not because of rejections, maybe someone thinks it doesn't pay enough, give it a try. Maybe it doesn't pay enough. And people will get mad and tell you not to do hits that don't pay enough because it screws everone over.

    Here's my answer to that: I'm not going to sit here and make no money just because someone else thinks the hit doesn't pay enough. I have to look out for me. And if people are going to continue to tell everyone and their dog's fleas about mturk to the point it's over saturated, I will take what I can get because I'm the one paying my bills.

    Do a variety of hits. Do every qual hit that you see. Don't fear rejections. Yes, they piss me off too, but just get over it. Hardly anyone has a spotless record on mturk and it doesn't actually matter in the end anyway. As long as you don't go below a certain approval rating, you're fine. Rejections don't mean much of anything at all. I have 50,000 hits and right now, 26 rejections. Only 3 of those do I feel that I deserved for my own idiocy. The others pissed me off when I got them, but life went on, I still did hits on mturk, I still made some money, nothing major changed. Don't stop yourself from trying something because you fear a rejection. But don't go crazy, either. If you see a batch you've never done before, if you cannot absorb 100 rejections, don't do 100 hits. Do a few until you know you're doing them right and the requester doesn't base the approval on some random, secrect alien coded algorithm that makes no sense to anyone on the planet, not even the requester. Once you know you're doing them correctly, do more. Then you can ham.

    To be honest with you, the big paying surveys are very nice. It is nice to earn 20 dollars in 25 minutes. Everyone else thinks so, too. And there's batches that are easy and pay pretty well. Everyone else thinks so, too.

    You truly need quals that no one else has. Those are not easy to find. It takes time to build those up. Sometimes you get very lucky.

    You're competing with so many people right now. You can still get the hits, but it's not as easy as it once was. I make less a day now than I did when I started. When I started, without trying I was able to make my goal each day, and often went over my daily goal. Now? I struggle every day to make my goal. So I spend a lot of my time not only trying to make enough money to pay the rent, electric, and internet so I can keep making money to pay the rent, electric, and internet, I also try to find batches that I can do, or I do batches that are known that people won't do because they don't think they pay enough. Well, they're paying more than 0 cents an hour.

    Just keep making money, don't sit idly. And you may have to work 20 hours or more a day. Sometimes you just have to do that.

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    I am really new at this an appreciate your honesty. I found out about it a long while back when researching how to get some extra income. Oddly, it did NOT take 2-3 days for them to approve me, but more like 6 months or longer. Actually, they denied me at first for unknown reasons. Then, one day, I got an email with approval.

    So, I have three questions:
    1. I missed my second day in the 10 day probation due to technical issues. Does that just mean that it starts over?
    2. Can you elaborate on this: I set up my Panda Crazy to hold up to 5 hits.
    3. And, also on this:I run my Hit Finder.

    I have been researching more than doing HITS since I'm still new and have heard reference to both of those, but do not know where to go or how to employ these. I just now got to download scripts and those are crazy awesome! I usually just surf the internet rather than make it do my bidding in such a manner. Although, I do make Excel dance as I want, so we all have our talents, I suppose!

    Again, thanks for taking the time to write and I hope you get your Masters one day. I'm guessing that's the highest level that most are trying to acquire.

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    much appreciated from an utter newbie

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