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Thread: 2nd Day on MTurk

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    2nd Day on MTurk

    Hi there, today is my 2nd day on MTurk and I have lots to learn. I really appreciate any suggestions!
    I'm tying to work some HITS but every time I click on Accept HITS I keep getting the following message:
    " We will send you an email when we have completed the review of your account to let you know whether or not your account has been accepted."

    Any thoughts?

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    Hello, I am fairly new as well, but only a few days ahead of you it seems. You will have to wait for a confirmation email from Amazon confirming your turk account has been approved. For me, it took less than 24 hours.

    After that, the site will prompt you to set up an Amazon Payments account (so you can transfer your earnings out.) This approval process took another 24 hours.

    Hope that helps!

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    it took my acct 3 months before it was approved. when I did receive the approval email, I had forgotten I had tried to sign up and thought it was spam!

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    Aw and here I was rarin' to go. Good to know that I'll need to wait for the approval. My exposure to this whole idea is less than a half a day old.

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