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Thread: how to find good batches?

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    how to find good batches?

    I am finding it difficult to find batches, I have hit scrapper, are there any recommended settings to find batches easily?

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    I can't recommend any settings for hit scraper but I suggest the ScoutIt batches - specifically the ones that only require you to enter the Business's name and total price from a receipt. They're pretty fast and easy!

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    Finding batches just depends on what is available when you are online. If you know the names of some requesters who regularly post batches, you can add them to your include list in Hit Scraper. Be sure to click the "Hide Masters" in Hit Scraper if you don't have Masters.
    The ones I like to watch for include P9r, Richmond 911, and Pinterest. Sticky is another one. I quit doing ScoutIt because they don't pay very well for the amount of work and won't reverse any rejections.

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