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Thread: New requester needs help on how to design request

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    Question New requester needs help on how to design request

    Short story - I have a list of 5600 name and need to find out where they went to University for their PhDs, but have no idea how to design the request to do that

    Longer story - I've been reading into the html stuff needed to do it for the better of the last two days but I am making no progress. Most of the ressources I find are for surveys. So I was hoping that you guys could help me in the process or point me towards a tutorial type thing to help me.

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    Community Manager spamgirl's Avatar
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    It's pretty simple, but I can't afford to help you for free, to be honest. If you can afford a few hours of my time, then you can let me know. Otherwise, I hope someone here has time to walk you through it. It involves creating a CSV and using one of the templates on mTurk, but I started writing instructions and realized it's going to take me too long. Sorry
    It's all good.

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    I'll send you a PM then

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    I can help as well if you want to pm me sysleck.
    Eschew obfuscation, espouse elucidation. Batch HITs for newbs. 1000 req'd. 5000 req'd.

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