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Thread: 05/19/2017 Fantastic Friday (hope hope)

  1. #241
    Plant batch is over, added $11 to my daily total

    Today's Projected Earnings: $28.25
    Today's Projected Earnings Full Details]
    Requester Submitted Projected
    Jeffrey Du 113 $11.30
    Gregory Dzurik 1 $4.00
    Peterson Lab 1 $3.00
    Kevin Kronfeld 3 $2.25
    Stanford GSB Behavioral Lab 2 $2.20
    Marketade 1 $2.00
    Jeri Little 1 $2.00
    Arnoud Plantinga 1 $1.50

  2. #242
    For those interested, the plant qual is back up. I did around 11 of these last week and got the qual. You have to draw boxes around cotton plants and weeds. The qual pays 5 cents per hit, the regular batch pays 10 cents per hit. They take on average around 30 seconds to do, but one with a lot of weeds in it may take one minute or more to complete.

    Title: Fun for Plant Lovers - Place a bounding box around crops and weeds | PANDA
    Requester: Jeffrey Du [A229IGGZYNFUR8] (TO)
    TO Ratings:
    ????? 2.00 Communicativity
    ????? 3.36 Generosity
    ????? 3.92 Fairness
    ????? 4.70 Promptness
    Number of Reviews: 15 | TOS Flags: 0
    Submit a new TO review
    Description: Place a bounding box around all crops and weeds in the image. Please be sure to click on the instructions and read through ALL the instructions available.
    Time: 60 minutes
    HITs Available: 50
    Reward: $0.05
    Qualifications: Plant Superstar in Training has not been granted;Plant Superstar has not been granted;HIT approval rate (%) is greater than 90;Total approved HITs is greater than 5000

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    This morning at about 5am requester Acacia Parks A3UPOY3DHVR8F4 posted several hits for $70 titled "Label snippets of text according to specified instructions " I picked up one but the TO was pretty bad with too much work and whatnot. I looked at the hit and it was 7 separate surveys of judging 200 snippets. I did the first one last night and it took about 20 minutes. If you can get any of these pick them up, it approved less than an hour after I submitted. I only wish I had picked up more. It took less than 3 hours. Put that ID into PC if you want. Like I said the TO is terrible though.

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