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Thread: Captcha with each hit?

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    Captcha with each hit?

    Hi there - i'm relatively new to turking and just started doing a bunch of Katie Fanelli penny hits just to get my numbers up. After doing a bunch of them, every time i click on the craigslist CONTACT INFO, i get a captcha that often requires a bunch of clicks. Is there a way around this particular captcha requirement? Thanks in advance for any guidance!

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    I don't think so. Unfortunately, the whole point of a CAPTCHA is to not be circumvented. Sucks when it slows you down!
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    most of the time i got captcha's after completing every 30 hits. but if you get master qualification you are free from captcha's as i have seen from my other mturk friends who got master qualification.

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    So, these captchas are on Craigslist? Sounds like you've triggered a flag for suspicious and botlike activity on their site.

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    what does captcha mean? i got an alert after just 3 submissions

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