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Thread: Call for Comments: Paying minimum wage on online labor platforms

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    Call for Comments: Paying minimum wage on online labor platforms

    Should online labor platforms have minimum wages? What should they be? How should they be enforced? Should workers on the same platform in different countries have different minimum wages? Are different minimum wage schemes needed for different kinds of platforms?

    The German Metalworkers’ Union (IG Metall) and the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) invite comments on the topic of minimum wages on online labor platforms from any interested parties, especially workers, clients, platform operators, researchers, journalists, trade unionists, and policy makers. The comments will be circulated among workers, clients, platform operators, trade unionists, and policy makers. The goal of the project is to develop and disseminate a nuanced view of the applicability of minimum wages in the effort to ensure fair working conditions in online labor platforms.

    We seek comments on all aspects of the topic “paying minimum wage(s) on online labor platforms.” We are especially interested in:
    • details and effects of existing minimum wage policies or initiatives (e.g., on Upwork, Prolific Academic, and Mechanical Turk)
    • advantages and disadvantages of various existing or possible global minimum wage schemes (e.g., a single global minimum wage vs. regional or jurisdiction-specific minimum wages)
    • proposals for minimum wage schemes in different kinds of online labor platforms (e.g., microtask markets such as Clickworker, freelance markets such as Upwork, and contest-based platforms such as 99designs)
    • discussions of conditions under which minimum wage schemes may not be appropriate in online labor platforms
    • technical and organizational implementation details, including measures for addressing “cheating” by clients or workers
    • We are especially interested in minimum wage policies on platforms acting as intermediaries for work conducted remotely and delivered over the internet, but we also welcome discussions of minimum wage policies on platforms for in-person work where wages are not easily regulated by local governments.

    Comments may be submitted in any reasonable format (e.g., email, TXT or ODT file, Microsoft Word document, PDF) and should be:
    • between 250 and 3000 words (not including footnotes and references),
    • written in English, French, or German, and
    • emailed to minwage@platformwork.org by 15 June 2017.
    It's all good.

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    I think you should! I have found that $6/hr is an acceptable rate, but what is the average rate paid? How many workers are being underpaid!? What should the minimum rate be based on? Should every country have a different rate?

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