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Thread: Do you have friends or family on MTurk?

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    HITs open worldwide Do you have friends or family on MTurk?

    I'm a psychology requester, and I'm planning to post a HIT where one of your fellow mTurkers (who you know personally) can participate to make you money. For this to work, I have to know whether mTurkers generally have friends or family, or even have real-life acquaintances that are also mTurkers -- Do you personally know anyone on MTurk?

    I'm very curious to know what you think about this, and would love to hear your input!


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    Sounds interesting. I don't know anyone personally who uses MTurk other than myself, and I've been doing this for over five years. I've told friends about it, but no one has pursued it. I've made many friends on this forum that I talk with weekly (daily sometimes), but never met them in person. Not sure if that counts for your research.
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    That's interesting Rosemary. Hmm I'll have to rethink about how consider friendships made through the site vs. outside MTurk. Thanks for your input!

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    My father does this too. We are both pretty new but if we can make each other money, I am all for that. Or more importantly if he makes me money it is even better.

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    I've never met anyone else in person who does MTurk. Very few that I mention it to have even heard of it. I had one person say that it was too good to be true and that if it were real "everyone would be doing it"

    I'm trying to get my dad to start turking but its not going well. He is disabled and very proud/stubborn. He refuses to file for disability and wont file for SS until he hits the age for maximum return which is a couple of years off still but he has zero income right now and I'm basically supporting him completely at this point. I don't mind, he supported me growing up after all, but he seems to think he can get a job somewhere but we all know he will realistically ever be able to work again.

    I think turking would be great for him, it would give him some money and also give him something to occupy his time and help keep his mind in good shape. Hopefully he'll come around soon.

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