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Thread: Help us to make crowdsourcing more social!

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    Question Help us to make crowdsourcing more social!

    Dear Community,

    we are two master students (Strategic Design) and currently studying at the University of Applied Sciences in Schw?bisch Gm?nd, Germany.
    Right now we are working on our master thesis concerning the issue of Social Crowdsourcing in terms of microtasking.

    By now we already managed to get some key findings out of our research. We believe that these key findings are necessary conditions, which need to be met in order to make crowdworking a more social endeavour.
    Regarding the aim to verify our key findings, we would like to hear your opinions as users - what did we miss, what can you confirm? That?s why we came up with some more specific questions to ask you.
    You can find both our key findings and these questions below. We would really appreciate if you took a minute to answer them.

    Our key findings are

    1. Social Crowdsourcing provides fair rewards to the workers
    • The reward should match the requirements and complexity of the task
    • If the reward comes in the form of money, it should match or be similar to the minimum wage of the workers country

    2.Social Crowdsourcing enables both-way feedback
    • It is very important that both parties have the opportunity to give feedback to each other
    • Usually, both crowdworker and crowdsourcer benefit from feedback exchange

    3.Social Crowdsourcing prevents workers from being dehumanized
    • It is important that workers won't be treated like machines
    • Crowdsourcers have to be made aware of the fact that their work will be done by humans, who often rely on the reward of the task

    4.Social Crowdsourcing enables feedback exchange among crowdworkers
    • To solve smaller problems, it is helpful to let crowdworkers connect and exchange their experiences. It is also helpful to prevent rivalry and can even support building a healthy community.

    5.Social Crowdsourcing enables equality between crowdsourcer and crowdworker and offers ways to solve conflicts
    • For crowdworking to be social it is important to ensure equal amounts of power between both parties in order to prevent them from exploiting each other
    • In order to solve more complex problems between crowdsourcers and crowdworkers, there has to be a fair way to do it, like an independent arbitrative board

    6.Social Crowdsourcing motivates workers
    • To keep workers motivated, they must be prevented from feeling stuck. Therefore workers should be offered ways of being promoted.
    • Offering advanced trainings and taking into account the previous education of workers are motivating measures; their implementation should be considered.

    These are our questions for you:

    • Is a social form of crowdsourcing possible at all?

    • How important will Social Crowdsourcing be in the future?

    • Are there any doubts regarding our key findings?

    • Which factors necessary for making crowdsourcing more social did we miss?

    • What are the biggest problems of the well-established crowdsourcing platforms?

    • Is it possible for Social Crowdsourcing to be economically feasible?

    • What do you think is the most important feature of a Social Crowdsourcing platform?

    Thanks again for your support, if you have any questions we're happy to answer them,
    Leon & Julian

    ps. I really love all those smileys here

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    Quote Originally Posted by btrbrt View Post
    Hey All,
    We're working on a project on how we can help to make crowdworking more social and hep crowdworkers to get fair payment.
    Therefor we have some questions and we would be really happy if some of you could answer them. You find them here:


    Thank you very much and have a good day,
    Leon and Julian

    ps. We would have really liked it to create Hits for this questions but we're from Germany so we can't use mTurk. I hope some of you still help us
    #4 is a fantastic question.

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