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Thread: Concepts for the future of Mechanical Turk

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    Flame Concepts for the future of Mechanical Turk

    Hello folks!

    A friend and I did a project on how future applications of Mechanical Turk could look like.
    Please have a look and let us know your opinions


    Human Element Inc.
    Crowdwork Services for Everyday Life

    Millions of crowdworkers are helping the digital world run smoothly by solving the problems that computers can?t solve just yet. Among many other tasks they categorize images, transcribe texts and filter out explicit content. Ironically, by doing so they also train the algorithms which will replace them eventually.

    How would everyday life be affected if this digital piecework was woven into it? The Bachelor thesis project Human Element Inc. explores this question through three speculative crowdwork services.

    The project is set in a near future scenario. It is based on research of present problems and future projections that experts in the field are discussing today.

    Workwall: Complete Task To Continue

    By means of direct creation of value crowdwork becomes a payment method for small payments. There are numerous applications for this. For example, online content providers owners today struggle with adblockers and advertising revenues. The concept ?Workwall? proposes an alternative:

    These services work by having readers solve a series of simple tasks for all kinds of clients. Each one is worth a few cents that go to the newspaper. In return, you get access to the full article ? no fees, no ads, no piracy. It's direct creation of value.
    ? From a digital labour news show

    Spare-Cycle-Workstation: Make Money While You Wait

    Crowdworkers used to work from desktop computers, but Human Element Inc. is taking digital labour into public spaces. The company puts up workstations that let anyone monetize unused cognitive abilities ? for example during their daily commute, in the doctor?s waiting room or in the time after work.

    Workstations can be equipped with sensors or controls tailored to specific types of tasks. As crowdwork taps into more and more aspects of being human, well-paid tasks might require the measurement of body chemistry or detection of eye movement, for example.

    Employing Scanner: Tap To Outsource

    While anyone can become a worker, it used to be much harder to become a requester and enjoy the benefits of putting people to work for you. Employing Scanner is an example for a radical simplification of a requester interface, so that anyone can make use of the crowd. With the tap of a button you can hire people to make your life easier. Don't forget to use the 'Good Job' button to say thanks.

    You take a document, highlight a section, add a command and scan. It will summarize, spell-check, transcribe, trace, email, ? everything you wished somebody else would do for you.
    ? From a digital labour news show

    Putting people to work also means having to deal with ethical questions like labour conditions or fair wages. In this sense, the device also touches on how smart services and devices actually employ people under the hood, treating humans solely like ever available computing power.



    Thanks for reading and let us know what you think!


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    LOL! This is great I like how this gets people thinking about the fact that this is all being so machine-ized that you just turn a dial to impact the work environment of another human being. An excellent satirical art project!
    It's all good.

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