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Thread: What are some recipes you've been wanting to try?

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    What are some recipes you've been wanting to try?

    Recently, I saw a picture of "cheesecake nachos", basically fried cheesecake formed into triangle-sized bites with fruit filling and dusted with cinnamon sugar. (Yes, I have a major sweet tooth!) Before that, I've had a hankering for some homemade raspberry toaster strudel, which I haven't had in years now. One of these days I'm going to find the time to whip some of these dishes up.

    So, what have you had a taste for recently, but haven't gotten around to making yet? Do you have any meals in mind for the upcoming holidays that you can't wait to make?

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    You have shared a deliciously amazing things cheese cake nachos is my most favorite. I really love to cook this at my home. In fact whenever we arrange a party at our house we always cook this dish in case we are unable to cook this we prefer to order this from the most popular shop of my area. Last Halloween I have arranged a party at my house & this is the main dish we enjoyed a lot. I used to buy the ingredients for this through Pre-Halloween coupons Mostly I buy grocery from this place & try new foods.

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