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Thread: How long did it take to get your registration accepted email?

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    How long did it take to get your registration accepted email?

    Hello all,

    Just wondering for those that joined up recently how long was it between applying and getting your acceptance letter from amazon? I registered last Tuesday and still haven't heard anything. Figured with as many newbies as there are here someone else must have just started and could give me some kind of idea of what to expect


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    Just in case anyone is searching for this information at some point. I applied on Oct. 11 and got my rejection email on Oct. 21. I was a US based applicant with none of the usual denial red flags. It appears they are not accepting new workers at this time, even US based. Or perhaps they are only accepting international? At any rate i wanted to post a followup so people would know what timeline they might expect to hear back from amazon.

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    What are the denial red flags? I'm also I'm the
    US and received my rejection email today.

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    I applied about October 25 or so, and got approved November 9, so they are accepting some people. I did have an inactive mturk account associated with my email address from 2007, so I don't know what role that might have played in getting approved.

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    is mturk approving anyone!

    Seems they are not approving anyone at the moment!

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    I sent my request in early January 2017 and was rejected on the 12th of January.
    Then, I got a registration invitation eMail on the 14th of April, 2017.
    I thought the rejection was a total rejection. I wish I'd found these forums back when I had first applied. Strangely, I don't think I ever saw a link to Turker Nation when I was searching for information about Amazon Turk. All I ever saw was articles about working for MTurk and blog posts.

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    I sent in my request yesterday and am now in the (for me) excruciating wait process. To keep myself busy, I'm checking out this forum, and posting as per instructions for new forum members. Here I am. In case anyone's reading this, is there any data on acceptance rates?\

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    I sent my request on December 4, 2017 and got my acceptance email/invitation on December 6, 2017.

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    MTurk Invitation

    Hello, was wondering how long it has taken to receive an invitation lately?

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    It two weeks and that was back in March 2017.

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