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Thread: mmmmturkeybacon queue order fix quit working

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    mmmmturkeybacon queue order fix quit working

    Seems amazon did a bit of jiggery pokery to something and this script no longer functions. Further, if you have the script running every time you submit a hit from within your queue you get an error message that reads:

    "Error: You've already submitted this hit"

    Any script geniuses have any ideas how to fix this?

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    if im working on a batch i go to firefox and it doesnt do that but i keep my pandacrazy running in chrome to collect hits. its pretty convoluted but it wastes time doing that in between each hit

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    It's doing it in both firefox and chrome for me. And fwiw, idt your way sounds any more complicated than mine. I use easy auto refresh in chrome to refresh the panda link of a batch to keep the queue full then I will work on the batch from within firefox. But, it doesnt make a difference whether I work and stuff in from the same browser or from either configuration. The result is the same error if the queue fix script is running.

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    Try changing Line 68 of the Code from:
    var this_hitId = hitExternalNextLink.attr('href').split(/&|hitId=/)[2];
    var this_hitId = window.location.href.split("=")[1];

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