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Thread: RANT: Logins

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    RANT: Logins

    I must rant. Sincere apologies.

    Just completed a $3.75 HIT. When I clicked "Submit," I got an error message for that submit and was told to go to "Hits Assigned to You" to complete the submission. Turned out I had to log in. Again.

    Which I did. Then I went to "Hits Assigned to You," then "Continue Work," only to be greeted with a cyber-scolding for having already submitted that HIT.

    My Dashboard says I did not submit a single solitary thing. Guess I worked for free. YIPPPEEEEE! That's precisely why I Turk -- to work for free.

    Not happy.

    (MODERATORS: If this rant is inappropriate, once again I apologize. Please do what you will.)

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